Will Drafting

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Once a person passes away his or her estate will be distributed during probate. A person’s estate includes both real and personal property. Real property includes items such as house(s) and land. Personal property includes items such as vehicles, televisions, and furniture.

A person’s estate is either testate or intestate. An intestate estate occurs when a person dies without a valid will. An intestate estate is distributed according to the laws in the State of Tennessee.

On the other hand, a testate estate is created when person dies with a valid will. The deceased person’s estate is distributed according to the terms in the will. Generally, the property tends to be distributed quicker and easier for the family based upon the deceased’s wishes.

So as you can see, your property is going to be distributed one way or another. So the question that you need to ask yourself is who you want to control the distribution of your property after your death, you or the government.